How to write a Research Proposal

Research Proposal怎么写?本BLOG曾有一篇言简意赅的写作指南《怎样写一篇好的research proposal?》下面列出更多指导如何写作Research Proposal的网上资源,从概要式的proposal写作指南,到详尽分步骤解说的research proposal写作模板,希望对你的学术研究有帮助!

下面的Proposal写作资源由University of Massachusetts列出:
Proposal Development Tools

来自密歇根大学的Proposal Writer’s Guide(by Don Thackrey)非常详细,除了写作外,还有做预算等指导,也包括Grant Proposal的写作,而且主要是针对学生之外的教师、研究者,很有参考价值。全文在此,大纲见下:


This Guide is intended for faculty and staff members with little or no experience in writing proposals for sponsored activities.

I. Introduction

II. The Parts of a Proposal

A. Research Proposals The Title Page
The Abstract
The Table of Contents
The Introduction
The Background Section
The Description of Proposed Research
The Description of Relevant Institutional Resources
The List of References
The Personnel Section
The Budget Section
The Appendices B. Proposals for Academic Programs

III. Inquiries to Private Foundations

IV. Dealing with Short Deadlines

V. Why Proposals Are Rejected

下面是University of Wisconsin-Madison给出的有关Grant Proposal写作的参考,按申请资金来源分为三类:所有研究基金proposal、非政府资助proposal、(美国)政府资助proposal(本文从略):

Research Funding Proposals

  • All About Grants Tutorials
    For biomedical investigators applying for NIH research project grants. Maintained by its National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  • Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal
    Written by S. Joseph Levine of Michigan State University. Offers excellent advice on all parts of the proposal. Includes a sample proposal and links to other proposal writing sites.
  • Proposal Writer’s Guide
    An excellent outline by Donald Thackrey for academic faculty and staff. Especially useful. A site maintained by the University of Michigan’s Division of Research and Development Administration.
  • Proposal Preparation and Submission
    A site maintained by the University of Michigan’s Division of Research and Development Administration.
  • Proposal Writing: Selected Web Sites
    Outstanding. Provides essential links for university scholars and researchers needing more than here on research funding in particular.

Non-Governmental Funding Proposals

The following web sites offer excellent guidelines for grant proposal writing. Some include advice on letters of inquiry and sample proposals as well.



TEMPLATE for an APA-Style Proposal
Nelson L. Eby, in collaboration with Dr. Douglas Degelman, Professor of Psychology,
Vanguard University of Southern California
Template may need modification for your program.


Proposal Writing Short Course以及它的中文版本:项目建议书在线培训课程。这不是研究计划写作,而是申请资助、捐赠和基金的项目建议书,很有参考价值。


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