via William H. Dutton,the Director of Oxford OII。会议名称是:Towards a Social Science of Web 2.0,时间:5th & 6th September 2007, 主办者:National Science Learning Centre (NSLC), the University of York, U.K.


• How can social science deal with Web 2.0?
• How can Web 2.0 applications be used as research tools?
• How can we conceptualise the heterogeneous spaces of Web 2.0?
• What terminology can we find to account for Web 2.0, should we even be labelling it as such?
• How can the fast and ephemeral cultures of Web 2.0 be captured by the rather slower processes of academia and the policy process?
• Does Web 2.0 allow for methodological innovation?
• What are the implications of Web 2.0 for welfare and citizenship?
• What are the implications for privacy and surveillance?
• What are the consequences for localities, senses of belonging, and everyday connections?
• What linkages can be made between Web 2.0 and other social and cultural shifts of recent times?

如果你有这方面的ideas,不妨投篇paper试试看。点击下载call for paper的.pdf文档


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    另外,那时候我们可能会去参加westminster university的一个主题为transforming audience的会议,因为跟我的方向关系更大一些吧:) 来london吧,也不错哦!


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